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Why are software updates important?

Aug 21, 2016 | Business, CMMC Compliance, Cyber Security, Managed IT, NIST Compliance

When you are working on your business laptop or desktop you will receive prompts to install software updates(also known as a patch.)  These annoying pop-up notifications interrupt work and productivity, so many wish to ignore them. These updates provide fixes, patches and enhancements to make your programs and operating systems run more smoothly. More importantly, they keep your business network more secure.

When you choose not to install the latest software updates on your business computers, you leave security cracks in your computer and business network. Cyber criminals exploit these cracks to wreak havoc on your computer and any associated networks. Here are three ways installing software updates keeps your business more secure:

1. Preventing Viruses and Malware

A computer virus is a type of malware, short for malicious software, that includes a piece of code that copies itself on your computer. When you don’t install software updates, you make it easier for cyber criminals to plant this code on your computer. You can expect that it will destroy data on your computer and network and corrupt your system. A virus may not always result in a cyber attack where someone steals your data, but it’s inconvenient at best.

2. Preventing Spyware

Another way cyber criminals exploit cracks in your system when you don’t install software updates is by installing spyware on your system. Spyware is a kind of malware, but it especially breaches security by copying files and data from your system. When spyware infects your network, you are at risk of revealing all types of classified and sensitive information, including, but not limited to the personal information of your clients, credit card information, trade secrets, sensitive emails and company strategy.

3. Preventing Malvertising

Malvertising, or malicious advertising, remains one of the easiest ways to end up with malware like viruses and spyware on your computer. Cyber criminals inject malware into legitimate websites, so when you visit these sites, they can transfer malware to your computer. Installing necessary software updates makes it safe for you and your employees to surf the web.

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