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Have You Tried Rebooting It?

It’s stereotyped as the favorite question of IT help desk people: “Have you turned it off and back on?”  On the surface, it seems like a ridiculous question. How on earth could rebooting a device possibly fix anything?  And yet, it does. I’ll explain, and hopefully...

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Translating IP Addresses to Binary

In my our last post we discussed the differences between MAC and IP addresses.  In this post we'll delve deeper into IP addresses.  Specifically, this post is going to focus on how to translate IP addresses into their original binary numbers. An IP address looks...

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The Business Case for Using Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm in few days since its launch. People are hitting the streets in search of Pokémon, and getting sore legs in the process. But how can local businesses take advantage of people’s obsession with this latest fad to increase sales...

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