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Are you concerned about Cyber Security?

With over 20 years of cyber security experience in the financial sector, we have what it takes to keep your business safe. If our professionals were trusted with bank cyber security, we can ensure cyber security for just about any business you can imagine.

Cyber Security New Orleans

What is Cyber Security:

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

To ensure your systems are constantly monitored and locked down, even at 2 AM on a Saturday night, we put in place a robust EDR software to monitor every logged event on your computers and network.  To supercharge the power of this service we teamed it with our powerful Security Operations Center (SOC) of trained Cybersecurity Experts to constantly monitor and take action when needed on your systems.

It’s time to get serious about Cyber Security New Orleans!

Two Factor Authentication

Ensure every aspect of your organization is locked down with user 2fa security authenticating each and every login with a 2nd set of security credentials.  

Penetration Testing

Our automated pen-testing can uncover hidden vulnerabilities in your threat landscape.  Get real-world results as to the penetrability of your business; defense!

It’s time to get serious about Cyber Security New Orleans!

Vulnerability Testing

Our comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment will will mitigate your existing vulnerabilities before they become breaches.  Be pro-active in your cyber-defense and protect your most valuable investment from hackers!

Employee Cybersecurity Training

At the root of every cyber breach is a human.  Somewhere along the lines a human mistake resulted in a system vulnerability.  That is why at CORE Networks we take Employee Cybersecurity Training seriously.  Our Employee Cybersecurity Training program will train your employees on what to look out for and how to stay safe in todays digital age while providing a Manager Dashboard for you to keep track of their trainings.  Additionally, we will provide periodic Security Shorts to keep up to date with newer techniques being used by hackers.

It’s time to get serious about Cyber Security New Orleans!

Phishing Simulation

Test your employees training retention and cybersecurity protection skills with pfishing simulation testing.  Keep score to promote good employees and re-train those that took the bait…

New Orleans


Baton Rouge

Common Questions:

What is the ROI of having a managed service provider?

The return on investment (ROI) of having a managed service provider is substantial. By opting for managed services, you can maximize the value of your investment. When you choose to partner with a managed service provider, such as CORE Networks, you gain access to a range of benefits. These include Managed IT Services, Managed Security Services, and virtual CIO strategies, all bundled together at a reasonable monthly cost. With this comprehensive package, you have peace of mind knowing that there are no hidden fees or unexpected up-charges. Ultimately, the ROI of having a managed service provider lies in the cost-effectiveness, streamlined operations, enhanced security, and expert guidance they bring to your organization.

How is a managed service provider different from an hourly services provider?

A managed service provider differs from an hourly services provider in several key ways. While hiring a technician on an hourly basis may provide a solution for a specific issue or project, it typically ends after the task is completed. On the other hand, choosing a managed services provider establishes a long-term partnership where they become your technology ally.

Unlike hourly services, managed services offer more than just a one-time visit and solution. With a managed service provider, you gain the advantage of having a dedicated consulting team at your disposal. This team takes the time to truly understand your technology infrastructure and how it aligns with your overall business objectives. By gaining this deep knowledge, they are able to provide tailored recommendations and solutions that not only fix immediate problems but also help propel your business forward.

Furthermore, a managed service provider works proactively to manage and take care of your technology needs on an ongoing basis. Rather than waiting for issues to arise, they implement preventive measures and continuous monitoring to identify potential problems before they become major disruptions. This proactive approach ensures maximum uptime, improved efficiency, and a more stable technology environment for your business.

Additionally, because managed service providers work as technology partners, they are invested in the success and growth of your business. They provide strategic guidance and advice to help you leverage technology to meet your specific goals and stay ahead of the competition. This level of partnership goes beyond the scope of an hourly services provider, as they typically focus solely on addressing individual tasks rather than playing an active role in your business’s overall technology strategy.

In summary, a managed service provider offers a comprehensive solution that goes beyond the limited scope of an hourly services provider. They become integral to your business, providing ongoing support, proactive management, and strategic guidance to align your technology with your long-term goals. Choosing a managed service provider establishes a partnership that ensures a stable, efficient, and forward-looking technology environment for your business.

What are the frequently asked questions about managed IT services?

Frequently Asked Questions about Managed IT Services:

1. What are managed IT services and how can I tell if my provider is delivering them?

Managed IT services involve a proactive and comprehensive approach compared to traditional break/fix IT solutions. Instead of only fixing technology malfunctions, a managed service provider (MSP) actively manages and monitors your technical assets. This includes tasks such as keeping your computers and servers up to date with patching, operating system updates, and antivirus software. Your servers and network health are monitored 24/7, and if any issues are detected, the MSP will promptly notify you and resolve the problem according to your preferred response time.

2. How is a managed service provider different from an hourly services provider?

A managed service provider differs from an hourly services provider in terms of the services and engagement level provided. When hiring an hourly technician, you pay for a one-time visit and solution to a specific problem or project. On the other hand, a managed service provider becomes your technology partner. They offer access to a consulting team that takes the time to understand your technology environment, align it with your business goals, and provide ongoing support. This partnership approach ensures a more proactive and comprehensive management of your IT systems.

3. What is the return on investment (ROI) of having a managed service provider?

Partnering with a managed service provider offers greater value for your investment. They often offer Managed IT Services at a monthly, all-in-one cost that includes additional benefits like Managed Security Services and virtual CIO strategies. This means you don’t have to worry about unexpected up-charges or hidden fees. By outsourcing your IT management to a reliable MSP, you gain access to their expertise, resources, and industry best practices. This helps improve the efficiency of your IT operations, minimizes system downtime, enhances cybersecurity, and aligns your technology with your overall business objectives. Ultimately, these benefits lead to better productivity, cost savings, and a higher ROI for your organization.

What is the approach of CORE Networks in delivering IT support and managed IT services?

At CORE Networks, our approach to delivering IT support and managed IT services is centered around providing trouble-free and reliable solutions to local businesses. As a dedicated managed services provider (MSP), we prioritize the productivity and security of your organization by offering friendly support with quick response times.


Unlike many other IT support providers, we understand the frustration that can arise when your IT systems encounter issues. That’s why we strive to respond to your needs promptly, working on your timeline rather than ours. Our primary focus lies in resolving your IT problems and ensuring seamless operations for your business, without sacrificing your satisfaction for our own financial gains.


At the core of our approach is our team of experienced professionals who possess a genuine passion for helping others. We are not just technology-focused; we are people-focused. By supporting individuals within your organization, we aim to alleviate any technological frustrations and boost overall productivity.


With CORE Networks, you can expect more than just technical solutions. We are committed to understanding your unique IT needs and providing tailored support that goes beyond merely fixing problems. Our mission is to create a supportive and efficient IT environment that empowers your business to thrive.

We offer the best cyber security New Orleans!

What is advanced email security and how does it enhance cybersecurity?

Advanced email security is a comprehensive solution that goes beyond just the basic spam filter to provide enhanced protection against cyber threats. It involves the use of advanced techniques and features aimed at improving the overall cybersecurity of organizations’ email systems.

One of the key features of advanced email security is the ability to block emails originating from foreign countries, which often serve as a source for numerous cyber threats. By doing so, it prevents malicious emails from reaching users’ inboxes, significantly reducing the risk of falling victim to email-based cyber attacks.

Additionally, advanced email security incorporates URL redirection capabilities. This means that if someone clicks on a potentially harmful link within an email, the system will redirect them to a safe location, blocking access to any malicious content or websites. By proactively preventing users from accessing such dangerous links, organizations can effectively minimize their exposure to cyber threats.

Moreover, advanced email security incorporates sophisticated mechanisms to detect and block domain impersonation in external emails. This helps to prevent attackers from impersonating legitimate domains when sending emails, safeguarding organizations against phishing attacks and other forms of email fraud.

Overall, the implementation of advanced email security significantly enhances an organization’s cybersecurity by providing an extra layer of protection against various email-based cyber threats. It enables the blocking of malicious emails at the source, redirects users away from harmful websites, and prevents domain impersonation attempts. By leveraging these advanced features, organizations can effectively reduce the risk of email-related cyber attacks and safeguard their critical data and systems.

What is dark web monitoring and why is it important for cybersecurity?

Dark web monitoring is a critical aspect of cybersecurity that aims to safeguard sensitive information and prevent cyber threats. In today’s digital landscape, breaches happen regularly, and if your or your employees’ credentials end up on the dark web, it can expose you to significant risks.

The dark web, a hidden part of the internet, is notorious for being a hub of illegal activities, including the buying and selling of stolen data. By implementing dark web monitoring, organizations can stay vigilant and protect themselves from potential cyber attacks.

One of the primary reasons dark web monitoring is essential for cybersecurity is the prevalence of password reuse. Research suggests that over 80% of individuals reuse passwords across various online platforms. This alarming statistic makes it easier for hackers to gain unauthorized access to your sensitive information if one of your accounts is compromised.

Dark web monitoring acts as an early warning system, providing organizations with breach notifications and alerts if their passwords or other credentials surface on the dark web. This early detection allows for immediate action to be taken, such as changing passwords and enhancing security measures, to mitigate the potential risks posed by cybercriminals.

By regularly monitoring the dark web, organizations can proactively protect their data and prevent any unauthorized access or misuse. It enables them to stay one step ahead of cyber threats, as they are alerted to any potential vulnerabilities and can take appropriate measures to strengthen their cybersecurity defenses.

Overall, dark web monitoring is a crucial component of any comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. It helps organizations identify potential risks and take prompt action to mitigate them, ensuring the safety and integrity of their digital assets.

How can segmented onsite and offsite backup help in preventing ransomware attacks?

Segmented onsite and offsite backup plays a crucial role in preventing ransomware attacks due to its ability to effectively safeguard your business data. By implementing this backup strategy, you can significantly reduce the risk of paying a ransom.

By segmenting your backup, both onsite and offsite, you create multiple copies of your data that are stored in different locations. This approach ensures that even if one backup location is compromised by a ransomware attack, you will still have access to your data from another source. If your onsite backup gets infected, you can rely on the offsite backup to restore your data without having to negotiate with ransomware attackers.

Segmenting your backups provides an additional layer of protection against ransomware. In the event of an attack, you can quickly restore your systems and files from an unaffected backup, minimizing downtime and reducing the potential financial and operational impact on your business.

Choosing the right backup type, whether it’s onsite or offsite, depends on your specific business needs. Onsite backups offer faster data recovery and are more suitable for small-scale incidents like accidental file deletions. However, they may be vulnerable to ransomware attacks if not adequately protected. Offsite backups, on the other hand, ensure the safety of your data in case of a physical disaster or a large-scale ransomware attack.

By working with us, we can assess your business requirements and recommend the most suitable backup strategy. Our expertise will help you determine how to implement segmented onsite and offsite backup effectively, significantly reducing the risk of falling victim to ransomware attacks and ultimately saving you from paying a ransom.

Why is it important to have password, BYOD, and acceptable use policies in place?

Having password, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and acceptable use policies in place is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, implementing these policies ensures the security of sensitive information. Password policies establish standards for creating strong and unique passwords, reducing the risk of unauthorized access to confidential data. BYOD policies, on the other hand, regulate the use of personal devices within the office, ensuring that employees follow necessary security protocols, such as installing necessary security software or keeping their devices updated with the latest patches.

Secondly, these policies help maintain a productive and efficient workplace environment. With password policies in place, employees are more likely to adhere to best practices for managing passwords, reducing the likelihood of login issues or forgotten passwords that can disrupt workflow. BYOD policies set clear guidelines on how personal devices can be used within the office, preventing distractions and misuse that can impact productivity.

Moreover, these policies promote compliance with industry regulations and legal requirements. Certain industries, such as healthcare or finance, have strict regulations regarding data security and privacy. Having password, BYOD, and acceptable use policies ensures that organizations meet these requirements, minimizing the risk of penalties or legal complications.

Additionally, these policies mitigate the potential risks associated with employee turnover or termination. When employees leave the company or have their device privileges revoked, password policies ensure that their access to confidential information is promptly revoked. Similarly, BYOD policies outline the necessary steps to secure or erase corporate data from personal devices when an employee leaves.

Lastly, these policies foster a culture of cybersecurity awareness among employees. By educating staff about the importance of strong passwords, safe device usage, and responsible internet conduct, organizations can significantly reduce the risk of security breaches or insider threats.

In conclusion, implementing password, BYOD, and acceptable use policies is essential to safeguard sensitive information, maintain productivity, comply with regulations, mitigate risks, and promote a cybersecurity-conscious workplace.

It’s time we get serious about Cyber Security New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Northshore…

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Ryan Cullen
Ryan Cullen
October 31, 2023.
We were having some IT issues with our windows server, and Ethan and his team were a great help. Will continue to recommend their services.
Kimberly Grantham
Kimberly Grantham
April 19, 2023.
Spent many hours diligently working through our email issue. Finally got it working like clockwork! Awesome job! Thanks!
Rebekah Clark
Rebekah Clark
January 10, 2023.
We have been working with Core Networks for over 16 years! They have always been helpful, fast to respond, and willing to explain things so that we are comfortable with the services that are being provided. In a world where technology rules it is wonderful to have a company to trust and work with.
Amanda Bladsacker
Amanda Bladsacker
September 21, 2022.
Ethan and his crew have gone far above and beyond to get our network set up and sorted out since we moved to a new office. I can't say enough good things about this company. Very knowledgeable, very helpful, very accommodating and very responsive. Highly recommend them. 1000/10.
Emily Woodward
Emily Woodward
September 7, 2022.
Excellent service from a professional and experienced team.
Molly Mchugh
Molly Mchugh
September 2, 2022.
Great service! I highly recommend Core Networks.
Nathan Hayles
Nathan Hayles
August 24, 2022.
Brillant service! Good customer service and always responds to me in a professional manner which is something you don't get often nowadays!
Peter Loetzerich
Peter Loetzerich
August 9, 2022.
Core Networks has taken care of our IT for over 10yrs and we are more than pleased with the service. Ethan and team have always taken care of our IT issues quickly and efficiently with minimum down time.

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