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What does VoIP offer your employees?

Aug 31, 2020 | Business, Communications, Managed IT

What does VoIP offer your employees?


VoIP, the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, can offer a lot of great conveniences for your employees that make their work environment dramatically more flexible and user-friendly. VoIP offers many features that just are not possible using more traditional PBX systems that have been the mainstay of commercial telephony for decades.

First of all, VoIP systems provide each end-user with a range of new features that transform workplace communications. Because voice signals are now carried by packets and their movement is not limited to the restrictions of specific telephone “lines,” VoIP allows for dramatic new communication options. Here are just a few examples. A user can forward the desk phone to a mobile phone. The user can also set rules for forwarding. All calls can be forwarded to voicemail after a certain time. Specific numbers can be forwarded to a mobile phone or to voicemail. More intriguingly, telephone messages can be transformed into email or text messages. The user can check voice messages via email. Voice communication is no longer restricted to a physical desk location. [Note: PBX systems can handle call forwards, but not the complex variable, rule-driven options described here. And, of course, the voice to text idea wasn’t even on the radar of PBX technology]

Run a call center? Because you are using IP/TCP ( transmission control protocol) you can use other media formats. Incall centers this can allow a link to a CRM, which has greatly enabled the development of unified communications centers, allowing businesses to interact with their customers and prospects across multiple media platforms.

In addition to greater options, these features no longer need to be configured by a trained PBX administrator. All of these options can be managed from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone using a simple interface. The user sets and resets the rules on-demand. This is a fantastic convenience for each of your employees but saves you considerable costs for re-configuration. Check with a managed service provider to learn more about what VoIP can mean for your business.