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Telephone & Computer Cabling

Mar 7, 2022 | Business, Cyber Security, Managed IT

Telephone & Computer Cabling

Telephone & Computer Cabling

Telephone & Computer Cabling

With extensive telephone and computer cabling experience on multi-floor office buildings and small offices alike, we’ve seen just about everything when it comes to connecting your networking devices via Ethernet cabling. Our technicians have run cabling for computers, wireless access points, wireless bridges, telephones, and any network device needed in your network! In any case, for a professional cable installation and a more stable network allow CORE Networks to design & install your next cabling project.

A quality installation extends the life of your cabling, makes it easy to manage when you need to make future adjustments, and looks tidy.

Select the correct cabling and related equipment
Careful installation to ensure a quality network infrastructure, including avoiding kinks in the cable, proper cable termination, correctly supporting the cable, and using a quality cable, patch panel, and jacks.
Clearly label all cables and complete a wire map test on our installed cables.
In addition to our standard practices above, we offer an optional service: fully certify cable we install using our industry-standard Fluke DSX-5000 cable certifier.

Since telephone cable systems play such a crucial role in business, choosing the right telephone network cabling infrastructure and telecommunication cabling support provider for all of your phone wires is paramount. However, the wrong choice can lead to downtime, waste, excess expense, and frustration.

The advantages of using Data and Phone Cabling services include:
Robust structure that supports the design, organization, and maintenance of business and management procedures
Increased data speed which boosts overall productivity
Ease of relocating and expanding business operations for critical telephone and computer operations
Flexibility in adjusting naturally to network infrastructure changes without business or workflow disruption

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Common Questions regarding Telephone & Computer Cabling;

What considerations should be made when mixing and matching cables?

When mixing and matching cables, there are several important considerations that should be made. Firstly, when it comes to Fiber Optic Cabling, it is highly recommended to use one type of fiber throughout the entire channel. This avoids potential performance issues that may arise from mixing different types of fiber. Similarly, when working with CAT5 to CAT 6A cables, it is crucial to ensure that the jacks from different manufacturers are compatible with each other. This means that the jacks should meet the necessary compliance standards and specifications to ensure proper functioning of the cabling infrastructure. Before mixing and matching cables, it is vital to have a good understanding of the existing cabling in place. This will help determine compatibility and ensure optimal performance. By assessing the existing cabling infrastructure and its specifications, potential compatibility issues can be identified and addressed accordingly. Overall, the key considerations when mixing and matching cables involve maintaining consistency in fiber types for Fiber Optic Cabling, ensuring compatibility between jacks from different manufacturers for CAT5 to CAT 6A cables, and understanding the compatibility and performance of existing cabling infrastructure. By taking these factors into account, you can make informed decisions to create a reliable and efficient cabling setup.

How does the quality of the cables affect data transfer speed?

The quality of the cables directly impacts the speed of data transfer as technology advances. One of the key factors that affects data transfer speed is the thickness of the cables. Upgrading from CAT5 to CAT6 and then to CAT 6A shows a clear correlation with the improvement in data transfer quality. Thicker cables, such as those found in CAT6 and CAT 6A, provide better speed rates for data transfer, allowing for up to 10-gigabit transfer rates. In comparison to earlier iterations, the newest CAT 6A cables demonstrate the ability to maintain a consistent 10 gigabit speed for the entire length of the Ethernet cable, which can be up to 328 feet when installed. It is important to note that the cable chosen for implementation plays a significant role in determining data speeds and overall performance. By upgrading to higher quality cables, businesses and individuals can experience faster and more reliable data transfer speeds, leading to enhanced productivity and improved network performance.

What types of systems can the cables be used for?

Our cables have the versatility to cater to a wide range of systems. They are designed to seamlessly connect phones, video devices, printers, theater systems, security cameras, and thermostats, enabling us to network every aspect of your business efficiently.

How does the company ensure optimal performance of the cabling?

At CORE Networks, we understand that ensuring optimal performance of cabling is crucial for the overall success of your network. To achieve this, we pay close attention to the advancements in technology and continually upgrade our cabling systems accordingly. While older cables like CAT5 and CAT5e may still function adequately, they are more susceptible to interference from various sources which can negatively impact network performance. To mitigate these interference issues, we primarily rely on the use of CAT6 and its newest iteration, CAT6A cabling. These cables offer thicker and faster connectivity solutions, resulting in reduced “noise” and improved network performance. By investing in these advanced cabling options, we aim to create a reliable and efficient network infrastructure for your business. Moreover, we understand that the connection between hardware and cabling is crucial for optimal performance. Our professional team ensures that this balance is carefully maintained during the installation process. By meticulously connecting your hardware to the appropriate cabling type, we guarantee that your network operates seamlessly, allowing your business to thrive.

Furthermore, we recognize the importance of scalability in a network. As your business grows and expands, it is vital to have cabling systems that can accommodate increased demands. With our installations, we consider future needs and implement scalable cabling solutions that can adapt to your changing requirements. This allows for seamless expansion and ensures consistent performance as your network evolves.

Ultimately, our primary focus is on providing the performance your business needs to succeed. By staying up to date with technology advancements and employing professional installation practices, we are committed to delivering optimal network performance and reliability.

What services does the company provide for structured cabling and maintenance?

CORE Networks specializes in providing comprehensive structured cabling and maintenance services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business and office. With our expertise, we ensure that your IT infrastructure remains the backbone of your operations, operating smoothly and efficiently. Scalability is at the forefront of our services. We design and install cabling systems that can accommodate the growth of your business, ensuring that your network can handle increased demands without compromising on performance. Whether you require additional phone lines, video connectivity, machinery integration, theater systems, thermostats, or even connectivity for business computers, our versatile cables are capable of supporting all these requirements. Our team of professionals conducts certification testing on your cabling infrastructure to identify any potential issues and resolving them before completing the project. By proactively certifying our installations, we optimize your network performance, minimize downtime and ensure uninterrupted connectivity for your business.

By entrusting us with the complete design and installation of your network, you can eliminate the need for costly modifications in the future. We take into consideration your current and future requirements, ensuring that the cabling infrastructure is correctly implemented from the start. This comprehensive approach guarantees a reliable and robust network that can handle your business needs effectively.

In summary, our company provides a wide range of services for structured cabling and maintenance. From scalable installations to professional testing and troubleshooting, we ensure that your network remains a superhighway of efficient communication within your business. With our expert capabilities and proactive approach, we eliminate common issues caused by inadequate installations, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.

Other common questions;

1. Can Core Networks help in evaluating and designing integrated systems?

Yes, Core Networks can help in evaluating, designing, and installing the best integrated system for your company.

2. What are the capabilities of Core Networks in terms of network infrastructure support?

Core Networks is ready and able to respond to all network infrastructure needs, supporting multiple voice, data, video, and multimedia systems.

3. What is the purpose of these cabling systems?

The purpose of these cabling systems is to provide a platform upon which an overall information system strategy is built.

4. What types of cabling systems does Core Networks provide and install?

Core Networks provides and installs voice/data/fiber/security/video cabling systems.

5. Is Core Networks experienced in running cabling for telephones?

Their article does not explicitly mention running cabling for telephones, but since they mention voice/data cabling systems, it can be inferred that they have experience in running cabling for telephones.

6. Does Core Networks offer solutions for wireless devices?

Their article does not specifically mention wireless devices as part of their offerings.

7. What expertise does Core Networks have in addition to cabling?

Core Networks has expertise in voice/data, audio/video, security systems, and fiber optic networks.

8. What types of cabling systems does Core Networks provide and install?

Core Networks provides and installs voice/data/fiber/security/video cabling systems that support multiple voice, data, video, and multimedia systems.

9. What types of environments can Core Networks work in?

Core Networks has experience working in various types of environments including K-12, high-school, higher education campus environments, hospitals, airports, office buildings, and industrial complexes.

10. What partners does CORE Networks work with?

CORE Networks works with an impressive lineup of esteemed partners to serve its clients effectively. Some of these collaborative ventures include Extreme Networks, HP, Lenovo, Cisco, SonicWALL, TP-Link, Grandstream, Yealink, CyberCulture, ProActive Emergency Solutions & more. These strategic partnerships allow CORE Networks to offer a comprehensive range of network solutions and cybersecurity measures to meet the diverse needs of its customers. By collaborating with industry-leading companies, CORE Networks is well-equipped to deliver cutting-edge technology and enhance the reliability and performance of its network infrastructure for its clients.


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