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Telephone & Computer Cabling

Mar 7, 2022 | Business, Cyber Security, Managed IT

Telephone & Computer Cabling

Telephone & Computer Cabling

Telephone & Computer Cabling

With extensive telephone and computer cabling experience on multi-floor office buildings and small offices alike, we’ve seen just about everything when it comes to connecting your networking devices via Ethernet cabling. Our technicians have run cabling for computers, wireless access points, wireless bridges, telephones, and any network device needed in your network! In any case, for a professional cable installation and a more stable network allow CORE Networks to design & install your next cabling project.

A quality installation extends the life of your cabling, makes it easy to manage when you need to make future adjustments, and looks tidy.

Select the correct cabling and related equipment
Careful installation to ensure a quality network infrastructure, including avoiding kinks in the cable, proper cable termination, correctly supporting the cable, and using a quality cable, patch panel, and jacks.
Clearly label all cables and complete a wire map test on our installed cables.
In addition to our standard practices above, we offer an optional service: fully certify cable we install using our industry-standard Fluke DSX-5000 cable certifier.

Since telephone cable systems play such a crucial role in business, choosing the right telephone network cabling infrastructure and telecommunication cabling support provider for all of your phone wires is paramount. However, the wrong choice can lead to downtime, waste, excess expense, and frustration.

The advantages of using Data and Phone Cabling services include:
Robust structure that supports the design, organization, and maintenance of business and management procedures
Increased data speed which boosts overall productivity
Ease of relocating and expanding business operations for critical telephone and computer operations
Flexibility in adjusting naturally to network infrastructure changes without business or workflow disruption

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