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Business phone solutions – step up to VoIP

Aug 9, 2016 | Business, Communications

If you’ve got a legacy PBX in your office, you’ve certainly noticed how it’s getting harder to maintain. You can’t get new systems that use the old TDM technology, and fewer and fewer companies want to support the old ones. The jump to VoIP business phone solutions might seem intimidating, but it comes with a lot of advantages, and if you use a hosted exchange, it’s not very hard to get it working.

Some of the common VoIP features:
  • “Do not disturb” mode to go straight to voicemail when you can’t take calls.
  • A “virtual receptionist” to direct callers to the right place.
  • Easy VoIP conferencing with multiple phones.
  • Call routing, temporarily forwarding calls to another location in the office.
  • Call screening and selective blocking.
  • Easy forwarding of calls.
  • Better management of voicemail with multiple delivery options.

With a hosted VoIP PBX, the only hardware you need in the office is the SIP phones and a data network. You can use old-style phones with adapters to save up-front costs, then upgrade to SIP phones later for the full feature set.

You can either put the phones on your existing data network or add a separate network just for phone traffic. Putting everything on the same network requires enough bandwidth to handle voice traffic and a router that’s rated for VoIP. Adding a voice network requires some new wiring but helps to assure consistent quality of service.

By moving to a modern VoIP system, long-term costs go down, maintenance becomes easier, and you get features that let employees do their job more easily.

CORE Networks can provide a hosted VoIP solution that will meet all your needs.  Please contact us to learn more.