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Breach of the month – T-Mobile – January 2023

Feb 5, 2023 | Breach of the Month, Business, Cyber Security


T-Mobile has experienced yet another data breach, this time affecting approximately 37 million postpaid and prepaid customers whose data was accessed by hackers. The company claims that although it only discovered the problem on January 5 this year, the intruders are believed to have been exfiltrating data from the company’s systems since late November 2022.

Unfortunately this isn’t T-Mobil’s first major data breach.  In 2021 they announced a breach affecting millions of customers which resulted in a class action lawsuit and subsequent settlement costing the company $350 Million.

With proper protections and detection systems in place these sort of breaches can be greatly reduced or at least detected and remedied before more damage can be done.  Talk to us about how we can keep your business safe and off the Breach of the Month list.  Contact us today!

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