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5 Quick Ways to Boost Your Laptop

Feb 11, 2022 | Business

5 Quick Ways to Boost Your Laptop

Is your new laptop running a bit sluggish? Before you run out and complain to the manufacturers, you can do a few things to improve the performance of your present model. Changing launch programs, defragmenting the hard disc drive (HDD), and using a third-party cleaner or computer repair services are just a few ways to increase PC speed and bring old laptops back to life or make newer ones run faster. Regardless, if you’re willing to get your hands dirty, there are even more benefits to be had.

laptop computer repair

Let’s see some of the best ways to boost your laptop and computer repair methods to bring your laptop back to life.

1. Change the RAM

If you want a little more multitasking speed but don’t want to spend the money on an SSD, RAM upgrades are a cheaper alternative.

If you’re on a machine with less than 2GB of RAM, adding a few gigabytes to your laptop won’t break the bank and can make a significant impact. Microsoft previously indicated that 2GB of RAM would be sufficient for Windows 10, but times have changed, and the number of processes operating on any PC has increased. If you combine a RAM upgrade with an SSD, your old computer or laptop will no longer seem so ancient.

2.  Update the Operating system

Before you use your laptop, one of the first things you should upgrade is its operating system (OS). If you didn’t buy your computer when it was initially introduced, it would still run an earlier operating system. Critical patches and fixes are issued with each new version, so ensure you have the most recent one installed to guarantee your laptop is secure.

3. Install AntiVirus and Protection Software

It is not unknown that we live in a dangerous world. With so much personal information getting digitalized these days, it’s critical to safeguard yourself from losing essential data on your computer. This has a straightforward solution. Potential assaults can be avoided before they become more dangerous by installing antivirus software that can check your computer automatically — or manually — at a set time.

Not only is the data on your laptop subject to hackers, but it’s also possible that your laptop may be lost or stolen. While you can take specific preventative measures, such as being cautious when using your computer in public locations, installing anti-theft software is another option.

4. Clear the Bloatware

When you first switch on your laptop, you may realize that it comes with a lot of preloaded software, some of which you will almost certainly never use. Bloatware is the term for this type of software.

Consider deleting these apps because they use up a lot of your hard disc space and in some cases your active RAM. The effortless way to achieve this is to download a bulk uninstaller, which allows you to look for and remove all of the bloatware programs you don’t want in one go.

5. Invest in 3rd party computer repair/ Laptop cleaner

Even the most advanced equipment can become clogged at times. If your Windows installation has tens or hundreds of programs and apps that you never use, there’s no use in spending a lot of money on a high-end SSD or even RAM upgrades.

Before you go for your credit card, anyone with a malfunctioning computer should ensure that it is not clogged with needless data. As time passes, numerous “scraps” of code accumulate like “digital cobwebs,” slowing down and making your system work harder. Your computer is also full of personal information that is utilized for tracking and marketing and nefarious objectives like identity theft.

Investing in a third-party computer repair service can be difficult, but with CORE Networks, you can find easy computer repair solutions. CORE Networks are reliable and trustworthy and provide unbeatable services to medium-sized businesses efficiently.

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