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New Orleans is a fast paced and amazing city. Your I.T Solution should be the same. 

Serving the Greater New Orleans area for over 20 years, We know what it takes to support a growing business like yours.


  • Tech Support – Fastest in the Industry!
  • Reports – Accurate & On-Time!
  • System Maintenance – Handled Daily!
  • Cybersecurity – Always a Priority!
  • Data Backup – Monitored & Tested!
  • Continuity Planning – Experienced & Available!





Our Services

Nothing but the BEST for your business



As the longest running managed services provider in the area, we have the experience and infrastructure in place to professionally manage your systems.

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With over 15 years of cyber security experience in the financial sector, we have what it takes to keep your business safe.

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You have come to the right place! Our business telephone service is second to none in price, performance and features. Give us a call to hear more about it.

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So, let’s make a plan for your business. We have the technology know-how to explore your business needs and provide the exact package for your size and growth potential.

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Let our 20+ years of phone system experience, partnerships with leading hardware providers and advanced hosted solutions go to work for your business!

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Cloud could mean so many different things these days. Most of our services can be considered cloud services, but let’s get specific on what you’re looking for.

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CORE Complete Care Service Package

This is the best value for your money and includes a complete service package to protect your business from loss of data. It also provides industry the best security and maintenance on your systems.
Unconditionally Guarantee Your Satisfaction

Our Promise!

We understand New Orleans! Businesses need fast, reliable services. We have your back NOLA!

We promise a 1-hour response time (or faster). There are many in our industry that are difficult to reach when you need them most. CORE Complete Care clients have access to us after-hours and on weekends too.

We unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction with our work. If you are not satisfied, we will do whatever it takes to meet your expectations.

We promise to maximize productivity, by improving system performance, minimizing unexpected outages & protecting your business from cyber threats.


Client Testimonials

Ryan Cullen
Ryan Cullen
October 31, 2023.
We were having some IT issues with our windows server, and Ethan and his team were a great help. Will continue to recommend their services.
Kimberly Grantham
Kimberly Grantham
April 19, 2023.
Spent many hours diligently working through our email issue. Finally got it working like clockwork! Awesome job! Thanks!
Rebekah Clark
Rebekah Clark
January 10, 2023.
We have been working with Core Networks for over 16 years! They have always been helpful, fast to respond, and willing to explain things so that we are comfortable with the services that are being provided. In a world where technology rules it is wonderful to have a company to trust and work with.
Amanda Bladsacker
Amanda Bladsacker
September 21, 2022.
Ethan and his crew have gone far above and beyond to get our network set up and sorted out since we moved to a new office. I can't say enough good things about this company. Very knowledgeable, very helpful, very accommodating and very responsive. Highly recommend them. 1000/10.
Emily Woodward
Emily Woodward
September 7, 2022.
Excellent service from a professional and experienced team.
Molly Mchugh
Molly Mchugh
September 2, 2022.
Great service! I highly recommend Core Networks.
Nathan Hayles
Nathan Hayles
August 24, 2022.
Brillant service! Good customer service and always responds to me in a professional manner which is something you don't get often nowadays!
Peter Loetzerich
Peter Loetzerich
August 9, 2022.
Core Networks has taken care of our IT for over 10yrs and we are more than pleased with the service. Ethan and team have always taken care of our IT issues quickly and efficiently with minimum down time.

New Orleans


Baton Rouge

Common Questions:

What problems does connectivity services solve?

Connectivity services play a crucial role in resolving various issues that organizations commonly encounter. Firstly, these services address the problem of downtime caused by Internet outages. By utilizing technologies like Next-Generation Connect (NGC), connectivity services can maximize the performance, reliability, and security of wide area networks (WANs). NGC, as a fully managed and secure SD-WAN solution, swiftly switches to a backup Internet connection upon detecting an outage, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Connectivity services also tackle problems related to dropped calls and call quality. By effectively managing bandwidth and prioritizing traffic based on application requirements, business needs, and real-time network conditions, these services maintain call reliability and improve call quality, resulting in seamless and uninterrupted communication.

Security threats are another concern that connectivity services help mitigate. Advanced security features such as next-generation firewalls, antimalware protection, and content filtering are integrated into connectivity solutions. These measures effectively prevent, detect, and respond to security threats, safeguarding organizations against cyberattacks, data breaches, and other potential vulnerabilities.

Moreover, connectivity services address the challenges of lengthy wait times for connectivity deployments. These services streamline and expedite the process of establishing new connections, minimizing delays and ensuring prompt access to necessary connectivity resources.

The complexity of billing can be a significant hassle for organizations, but connectivity services help simplify this process. With streamlined billing solutions and transparent pricing structures, businesses can easily understand, manage, and allocate expenses related to their connectivity services.

Lastly, connectivity services address the issue of confusion over support. By being monitored, managed, and supported around the clock by an expert team, these services provide businesses with peace of mind, knowing that dedicated professionals are available to address any technical issues or concerns promptly.

In summary, connectivity services offer solutions to problems including downtime due to Internet outages, dropped calls and call quality issues, security threats, lengthy wait times for connectivity deployments, complex billing processes, and confusion over support channels. By providing reliable, secure, and efficient connectivity solutions, businesses can enhance their operational efficiency and focus on their core activities.

What problems does managed IT solve?

Managed IT solves several problems in a business setting:

1. Cost reduction: Managed IT eliminates the high expenses associated with on-premises communication equipment. By outsourcing these services to a managed IT provider, businesses can significantly reduce their infrastructure costs.

2. Enhanced collaboration: There is a growing demand for feature-rich collaboration tools that promote teamwork and communication among employees. Managed IT services provide businesses with these tools, helping to improve collaboration and overall productivity.

3. Remote accessibility: With the increasing prevalence of remote work, it is essential for remote users to have access to the company’s phone system. Managed IT services enable remote users to connect to the company’s communication infrastructure, ensuring seamless communication regardless of location.

4. Simplified administration and support: Managing and supporting communication technology can be challenging and time-consuming. By leveraging managed IT services, businesses can offload the administration and support responsibilities, allowing their IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

5. Mitigation of risks: Aging communication technology poses several risks, such as security vulnerabilities and system malfunctions. Managed IT services help businesses mitigate these risks by ensuring that their communication technology is up to date and secure.

6. Consolidated billing: Telecom services often come with multiple, complex bills. Managed IT services streamline this process by consolidating all telecom services into a single, easy-to-understand bill, simplifying the financial management aspect for businesses.

What industries does CORE Networks specialize in?

CORE Networks specializes in a wide range of industries, including financial, healthcare, oil and gas, marine transportation, industrial construction, and government. With a focus on innovation and staying up-to-date, CORE Networks offers tailored solutions to address the unique challenges faced by clients in these industries. Whether it’s securing a banking network from cyber threats, optimizing operations in the oil and gas sector, improving transportation logistics for marine companies, facilitating efficient construction projects, providing secure government solutions, or delivering advanced healthcare technologies, CORE Networks is dedicated to providing cutting-edge approaches to overcoming industry-specific obstacles.

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