Looking to get the most out of your technology investment?

As the longest running managed services provider in the area, we have the experience and infrastructure in place to professionally handle your systems.

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Computer Protection & Updates

Software updates are the first line of defense against cyber breaches through patching vulnerabilities and securing software.

Ransomware Prevention & Remediation

Our professionals know the latest threats and can help prevent them as well as remove them. Knowledgeable professionals provide thorough analysis, removal and maintenance.

Virus Prevention & Removal Service

Protect your systems and information with virus prevention and removal software. Our security professionals will ensure your machines are running at optimum speed and are protected against attackers. Move beyond the traditional antivirus program with Advanced Antivirus. Our trained professionals will install a tool that will truly protect your business through scanning and journaling/rollback capabilities.

Email Security

Implement an advanced email scanning service to ensure time wasting spam and destructive viruses are kept out.

Unlimited Tech Support

Our experienced technicians will never be more than a phone call away. Actually, you may see us pop in without that phone call... Many times we'll show up to resolve a problem before our client even notices it exists!

Security Training

In addition to implementing a higher level of security with DNS protection that goes beyond simple browser protection, we offer training to your employees as well. Ensure your employees are properly trained to handle the ever increasing security threats facing them today.

Cloud Security Layer

We've partnered with the industry leader in network security to provide an added layer of protection for your business. In a world of ever increasing cyber threats you can never have too many layers of protection.

Secure Data Backup

To protect against the worst case scenerio (hacking, fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, etc.) we also include a redundant backup solution for your critical files. We will fully manage this backup for you ensuring that it is successfully backing up your data and recovering any files needed to run your business.

"Fast, courteous, professional service. A pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend CORE Networks."

Donna Champagne - Office Manager , The McClain Group