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Cloud Connect

The easy cloud solution for your remote offices and mobile workforce.

Take your business to the cloud and never worry about IT again...

Our CORE Cloud Connect is a revolutionary new way to easily connect all your remote offices and mobile workforce to your business resources from any computer, anywhere! 

After logging in through our secure website your employees are presented with the software packages and files they need to get their jobs done.  Not just a virtual machine, our solution actually delivers applications to your employees desktop!  Additionally, you won’t ever need to buy another server again and we’ll manage all the software for you as well. 

We ensure your files and working applications are always backed up in our secure datacenter so you can sleep at night. 

Sounds too good to be true?  Contact us today to hear how soon we can have your business up and running in the cloud.

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CORE Cloud Connect remote working service

On Friday upon arriving back at the office from an enjoyable lunch I found my office network had somehow malfunctioned and nobody was able to get any work done. I went into panic mode and started looking for the problem. In the mean time my office manager had called CORE Networks. They showed up before I could find anything wrong and in no time had our whole office back up and running. Thanks CORE for getting our office back in working order.

-Christian P.
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