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Remote Data Backup

Reliable, automatic and secure, this stand-alone managed offsite backup solution can be deployed & configured in a matter of minutes.  Like all CORE Networks products, it's been built from the ground up to support all types of companies, no matter your size or industry. It's easy to deploy, configure and manage from each individual machine. You only pay for the storage you need, no expensive hardware or software to buy meaning no startup expense & low overhead for your business.

The best thing about CORE Backup? It's a lightning-fast set-and-forget service. No more tape drives & no more manual backup routines. It really is that simple.

Remote Data Backup, Disaster Recovery Planning, Data Backup‚Äč

Many times I've been surprised at the clinic first thing in the morning to see a Core Networks technician waiting for me to arrive because they identified a problem in the making.  They're there to fix the problem before it becomes an issue!

-Dr. Shelley Radosta
Owner, Tonic Chiropractic
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